VCs and institutional investors

Institutional investors are those which invest funds on behalf of others, and include Venture Capital (VC) firms, corporate venturers, and others. Included here are organisations which have invested in Scottish companies (either currently or in the past), and others which have not yet made an investment in Scotland but have indicated an intent to do so, eg by partnering with the Scottish Investment Bank.

Most VCs and corporate venturers have few or no geographical restrictions on where they invest. We have included where possible examples of investees in Scotland, but anyone approaching one of these firms should look at their current portfolio and be aware of the standard of competition for funding.

VC firms are set up in order to attract funds from partners such as pension funds and insurance companies, by offering a different asset class (high growth privately owned companies) and their own expertise in investment. While VC firms are investing to make a profit for their own funders, corporate venturers are usually looking for companies which have technology or services which could complement or contribute to their own core business activities.

Many VCs do not invest at the start-up stage of a business, and expect companies to have established at least an initial level of revenue before they will invest – we have indicated those known to consider companies at the pre-revenue stage.

Old College Capital

Contact: Andrea Young
Investments in Scotland: Shot Scope Technologies, Sunamp
Sectors: companies associated with the University of Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 472 4806

ACT Venture Capital Ltd

Dublin, Ireland
Contact: John Flynn
Invests from €200k to €10m
Tel: 00353 1 260 0966


Contact: Amy Doherty
Invests from £100k to £1m
Investments in Scotland: AquaPharm BioDiscovery
Sectors: All sectors

Tel: 020 7583 3503

MMC Ventures

Contact: Bruce Macfarlane
Invests from £500k to £2m
Tel: 020 7361 0213

NBGI Ventures

Contact: Aris Constantinides
Invests from €1m to €10m
Investments in Scotland: DySIS Medical
Sectors: Medical Technology

Tel: 020 7661 5678


Contact: Calum Paterson
Invests from £5m to £1m (start-up) otherwise £15m
Investments in Scotland: Elonics, Metaforic, Green Highland Renewables, Smarter Grid Solutions
Sectors: IT, healthcare, energy

Tel: 0141 273 4000

Aescap Venture Management BV

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Contact: Patrick Krol
Sectors: Biomedical

Tel: 0031 20 570 29 40

Albion Ventures LLP

Contact: Andrew Elder
Invests from £1m to £10m
Investments in Scotland: DySIS Medical, TEG Biogas

Tel: 0207 601 1850 

Amadeus Capital Partners ltd

Contact: Alex van Someren
Investments in Scotland: oneDrum
Sectors: Technology

Tel: 020 7024 6900

Andromeda Capital

Contact: Laurence Oakes-Ash
Investments in Scotland: Cloudsoft Corporation
Sectors: Energy, Cleantech, Healthcare, Education

Tel: 0139 244 0400

Aquarius Equity Partners

Contact: Alex Stevenson
Invests from £3m to £7m
Investments in Scotland: GT Biologics
Sectors: Life sciences, Technology

Tel: 0161 837 6200

Balderton Capital

Contact: Rob Moffat
Invests from $100k to $20m
Investments in Scotland: WeeWorld
Sectors: Technology

Tel: 0207 016 6800

Buckthorn Partners

Contact: Joe Connolly
Investments in Scotland: Paradigm Drilling Services
Sectors: Mining, Oil & Gas and Water

Tel: 020 3023 8050

Bullpen Capital

California, US
Contact: James Conlon
Investments in Scotland: FanDuel

Calculus Capital

Contact: Madeleine Igram
Investments in Scotland: Money Dashboard

Tel: 020 7493 4940

Capricorn Investment Group

New York, US
Contact: Ion Yadigaroglu
Investments in Scotland: Loch Duart

Tel: 001 646 289 3030

Delta Partners

Dublin, Ireland & London
Contact: John Kenny
Investments in Scotland: AccuNostics
Sectors: ICT, Healthcare

Tel: 0203 642 9329

Draper Esprit

Contact: Stephanie Edwards
Sectors: ICT, Medtech, Cleantech

Tel: 020 7931 8800

Emerald Technology Ventures

Zurich, Switzerland
Contact: Philipp Hasler
Invests from €1m to €6m
Sectors: Energy, Water, Advanced Materials

Tel: 0041 44 269 61 00

Endeavour Vision

Geneva, Switzerland
Contact: Bernard Vogel
Investments in Scotland: Kobojo

Tel: 0041 22 544 6000

Energy Ventures

Contact: Greg Herrera
Invests from $5m to $50m
Investments in Scotland: Deep Casing Tools, Zilift, Intelligent Well Controls
Sectors: Energy

Tel: 01224 628 282

Epi v LLP

Contact: Steve Kent
Invests from £2m to £20m
Sectors: Oil & Energy

Tel: 0787 5530151

Epidarex Capital

Contact: Sinclair Dunlop
Investments in Scotland: Clyde Biosciences, Edinburgh Molecular Imaging, Sirakoss
Sectors: Life sciences

Tel: 0131 243 3700


Contact: Dr Mark Fisher
Sectors: Medical Technology

Tel: 0207 812 7366

FinTech Global Capital LLC

Tokyo, Japan
Contact: Nobumitsu Tamai

Tel: 0081 3 5733 2121

Foresight Group LLP

Contact: David Hughes
Invests from £1m to £5m
Investments in Scotland: Aerospace Tooling, Lab901
Sectors: All except Biotechnology

Tel: 020 3667 8112

Frontier IP

Contact: Neil Crabb
Investments in Scotland: Aridhia, Intelligent Flow Solutions
Sectors: University spin-out companies

Tel: 0131 240 1251

Growth Capital Partners

Contact: James Blake 
Invests from £5m to £50m
Investments in Scotland: Scopus Engineering

Tel: 020 7024 9800

Herald Ventures

Contact: Taymour Ezzat
Invests from £250k to £3m
Sectors: Technology, Communications and Multi-media

Tel: 020 7553 6300

Highgate Tech Fund

Contact: Andrew Muir
Invests from £300k to £2m
Investments in Scotland: Ecometrica
Sectors: Technology

Tel: 020 8819 9934

Imprimatur Capital

Contact: Andrew Bottomley
Investments in Scotland: BigDNA, Mobile Acuity

Tel: 0203 170 7627

Invesco Perpetual

Contact: Mark Barnett
Investments in Scotland: Lamellar Biomedical

Tel: 0800 028 2121

IP Group plc

Contact: Dr Mark Warne
Investments in Scotland: Relitect, MODE Diagnostics, RouteMonkey, Anacail

Tel: 020 7444 0050

IQ Capital

Contact: Edward Stacey
Investments in Scotland: miiCard

Tel: 0122 334 5616

Jenson Seed EIS Fund

Contact: Jeffrey Faustin
Investments in Scotland: Peekabu Studios

Tel: 020 7873 2122

Leopard Rock Capital

Contact: Alastair Kerr
Investments in Scotland: Flexiant

Lime Rock Management LLP

Contact: Gary Sernovitz
Invests from $50m to $150m
Investments in Scotland: Gas2, Enermech, TWMA
Sectors: Energy (Oil & Gas)

Tel: 0122 426 7010

Longwall Venture Partners

Contact: David Denny
Investments in Scotland: MODE Diagnostics

Tel: 0123 556 7365

Low Carbon Innovation Fund

Contact: Saffron Myhill-Hunt
Investments in Scotland: Trident Energy

Tel: 01603 597248

Lundbeckfond Ventures

Contact: Casper Breum
Investments in Scotland: DySIS Medical
Sectors: Life sciences

Tel: 0045 3912 8000

Maven Capital Partners UK

Contact: Andrew Craig
Invests from £1m to £10m
Investments in Scotland: Traceall Global, Crawford Scientific, Coretrax, Calnex Solutions, Glacier Energy Services, Paywizard, Fathom Systems

Tel: 0141 306 7400

Mercia Technologies

Contact: Josh Levy
Invests from £150k to £5m
Sectors: Technology

Tel: 0330 223 1431

Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc

Contact: John McGrory
Investments in Scotland: Spark Energy

Tel: 0141 245 8000

Morningside Ventures

Hong Kong, China
Contact: Lokchung Chan
Investments in Scotland: NuCana BioMed
Sectors: ICT, Life Sciences, Cleantech

Tel: 00852 2894 9800

Nauta Capital

Barcelona, Spain
Contact: Daniel Sanchez
Invests from €500k to €3m
Sectors: ICT

Tel: 0034 93503 5900

New Enterprise Associates

Maryland, US
Contact: Peter Behrendt
Invests from $50k to $50m
Sectors: Technology and Healthcare

Tel: 001 301 272 2300

Northstar Ventures

Newcastle upon Tyne
Contact: Alex Buchan
Investments in Scotland: Greenmarine Solutions

Tel: 0191 229 2772

Octopus Ventures

Contact: Alex Macpherson
Invests from £250k to £5m
Investments in Scotland: Elonics
Sectors: All sectors

Tel: 0800 316 2349 

Oxford Capital

Contact: William Orde
Investments in Scotland: Kobojo, Outplay Entertainment

Tel: 0186 586 0760

Panoramic Growth Equity

Contact: Stephen Campbell
Invests from £500k to £5m
Investments in Scotland: Edesix, Dog Digital, Cascade Technologies

Tel: 0141 331 5100

Par Equity

Contact: Robert Higginson
Investments in Scotland: Delta DNA, My1Login, Mallzee, Symphonic, QikServe, Senient Systems, Sunamp, Pufferfish and Red61
Sectors: Technology, excluding Biotech

Tel: 0131 556 0044

Parkwalk Advisors

Contact: Moray Wright
Investments in Scotland: Nandi Proteins, Mode Diagnostics

Tel: 020 7759 2285

Pentech Ventures

Contact: Andrew Duncan
Invests from £500k to £4m
Investments in Scotland: Outplay Entertainment, FanDuel
Sectors: ICT

Tel: 0131 240 8280

Piton Capital

Contact: Andrin Bachmann
Investments in Scotland: FanDuel

Tel: 020 7408 0451

Pond Ventures

Contact: Ricard Irving
Invests from £800k to £5m
Tel: 020 8940 1001

Sequoia Capital

California, US
Contact: Roelof Botha
Investments in Scotland: Skyscanner

Tel: 001 650 854 3927

Seraphim Capital

Contact: Mark Boggett
Invests from £500k to £2m
Investments in Scotland: Pyreos
Sectors: Technology

Tel: 0203 674 2805

SET Venture Partners

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Contact: Wouter Jonk

Invests from €1m to €7m
Investments in Scotland: NGenTec
Sectors: Sustainable energy technology

Tel: 0031 20320 0104

Simmons Private Equity

Contact: Susan Pirie
Investments in Scotland: HCS Control Systems, Flexlife, Glacier Energy Services
Sectors: Oil & Gas Services

Tel: 0122 420 2300

Sofinnova Partners

Paris, France
Contact: Jean-Jacques Garaud
Investments in Scotland: NuCana BioMed
Sectors: Life sciences

Tel: 0033 15305 4100

Sussex Place Ventures

Contact: Richard Gourlay
Investments in Scotland: Anacail

Tel: 020 7000 0022

Technomark Life Sciences

Contact: Cate Cebass
Investments in Scotland: Glycomar

Tel: 020 7097 1546


California, US
Contact: Brad Holden
Investments in Scotland: Ciqual

Triple Point Income VCT

Contact: Claire Ainsworth
Investments in Scotland: Green Highland Renewables

Tel: 020 7201 8989

YFM Equity Partners

Contact: David Hall
Investments in Scotland: Ness, Leengate Valves, Intelligent Office

Tel: 0161 832 7603

Zouk Capital

Contact: Uwe Kraemer
Investments in Scotland: Urban Wind

Tel: 020 7947 3400