How to use this Guide


This Guide brings together directories of funders and advisers with articles giving guidance to young companies preparing to raise finance.

The objective of the guidance articles is not to give a comprehensive account of the subject, but to spur readers to ask themselves the right questions when preparing for fundraising. Most of the websites of the organisations in the directory listings give further information and advice, and we have added further sources of information in the following section.

Likewise, the directories are not intended to be comprehensive listings of every possible investor or funding initiative, but rather to illustrate those organisations which are known to have supported Scottish companies in the recent past, or have indicated an intention to do so, for example by entering a partnership agreement with the Scottish Investment Bank. In effect, the Guide can be seen as a starting point for young companies to carry out further research for themselves, and find sources of funds which are relevant to their own particular circumstances.

A special feature of our directories is the listing of companies in Scotland which each investor has supported. These not only indicate the level of engagement by the investor in this market, but also enable other young companies to have a better idea of the types of company which have secured investment, and their stage of development.

The directories of advisers include details of many of the firms which have worked with young companies as they build their businesses, or with their investors. Advisers have the advantage of seeing many different companies and investors, and have a range of experience which each young company has to learn individually. Choosing good advisers is an essential step in creating a successful business, and all the organisations included in these listings, together with those for incubators, are able to give considerable help to young companies starting to raise finance.